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DonJoy pioneered the concept of functional knee bracing over 30 years ago and has led the profession of performance ever since by studying the body, listening to athletes, consulting physicians and pushing the envelope of innovation.

Today, DonJoy braces are standard equipment for competitors in over 44 countries. They count on us to create world-class products, while medical professionals look to us for unmatched service and in-depth education. The result - complete confidence for those who wear DonJoy braces and for those who prescribe them.

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DonJoy Preferred Products Catalog

Learn more about our technology. Our pro sports roots go deep; NFL player Mark Nordquist and lawyer Ken Reed founded our company. We provide bracing for 23 of 25 NCAA football teams and we’re proud to support and protect players of all ages, at every level.

DonJoy Shoulder Cradle

Learn why the difference is night and day with the DonJoy Shoulder Cradle. Its unique modular system provides secure immobilization and  a wide range of abduction angles to allow stable and comfortable support—both day and night.

Latest on DonJoy

Fight knee pain with a revolutionary web brace design that actually pulls pain away from the knee, absorbs shock, and keeps you moving.

Helping with prevention, protection and healing, DonJoy bracing delivers complete confidence for those who wear it and those who prescribe it.

X-Act Rom Elbow

A versatile, comfortable, telescoping brace allowing ideal fixed or protected range of motion.

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