Forefoot Solutions

Arsenal Foot Plating System
The Arsenal Foot Plating System arms surgeons with Variable Angle Locking Implants with Dual-lead screws (VALID™), a powerful combination of patented and innovative technologies.
Tiger Cannulated Screw System

The Tiger Cannulated Screw is a self-drilling, self-tapping, titanium alloy lag screw with the look, strength, and bite of a “Tiger”.

Two-Step Hammer Toe Implant System - In Foot

The Two-Step Hammer Toe Implant is a cannulated, titanium alloy, interphalangeal joint arthrodesis implant for fusions of the DIPJ and PIPJ with temporary st

MIB (Minimally Invasive Bunion) Plating System

The Minimally Invasive Bunion (M.I.B.) Plating System is a unique approach to triplanar hallux valgus correction. The M.I.B.

3S Hemi

The 3S Hemi Implant System consists of a cobalt chromium (CoCrMo) implant to replace the articulating surface of the proximal phalanx of the first metatarsop