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Bell-Horn, America's first orthopedics company, has been supplying the world with first-class orthopedics since 1842. Staying at the forefront of the orthopedics industry for over 170 years requires more than just manufacturing the highest quality orthopedic braces and supports, it further requires a longstanding tradition of exceeding customer expectations and a steadfast commitment to product innovation.

Bell-Horn offers a complete line of retail packaged orthopedic braces, orthopedic supports and compression hosiery to independent pharmacies and home healthcare (HHC) dealers.

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Our History

Bell-Horn is America’s first orthopedic company, making quality products since 1842. Learn more about the fascinating history behind our brand!

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Beyond simply retail orthopedics, Bell-Horn offers a selection of products for your overall wellbeing, including modular spinal therapy braces, arthritis supports, hand sanitizers and therapeutic compression wear.

Latest on Bell-Horn

EZ Fit Hinged Knee Wrap

Designed to give you the comfort of an elastic support with the therapeutic properties of heat, without the perspiration associated with neoprene.

Closed Toe Stockings

Ultra fashion support and relief for men and women with tired and aching legs due to mild varicose veins, swelling, and fatigue.

Low Profile Wrist Brace

Provides immobilization for weak or injured wrists. Removable palmar stay and two medial/lateral stays provide maximim support and immobilization.

Compressive Elbow Support

Contains an viscoelastic insert that applies appropriate compression to help relieve strain.