Faces of DonJoy

DonJoy pioneered knee bracing nearly 40 years ago. We continue to lead in innovation by studying the body, listening to those we serve and always moving forward. People like you use our products every day—to recover, remain active or push their performance.

What's your DonJoy story?

Some people say I must be crazy to ride these monster waves, I like to say I am calculated crazy. Being calculated means being prepared and DJO Global helps me do that. So many possible unfortunate situations have been avoided because of my DJO braces and when an injury does occur the healing time is cut in half with the support of DonJoy products.

Garrett McNamara

World Champion Tow and Paddle Surfer and Guinness Book of World Records holder for the largest wave ever surfed

This DonJoy knee brace is indeed a joy. It instills a sense of confidence. Going up stairs is no longer a major undertaking, and bending to do a little gardening is also much easier. I highly recommend the DonJoy OA REACTION WEB to anyone suffering from arthritis.

Jane Harris

80 years young

Competitive equestrian here. This past winter I spun my ankle while competing in my other passion (ski racing) and managed to do a high sprain and ATF sprain on the same ankle, as well as tendon damage. My therapist, Justin Lewis RMT, recommended a DonJoy brace to help me through recovery and I'm impressed. The price was reasonable, the quality is excellent, it's saving me a small fortune (not having to buy as much athletic tape) and best of all, it's helping my ankle feel better. Wish I had bought it sooner. Thanks for making such a great product that can stand up to an athletes demands!


Competitive Equestrian & SkiRacing

I began my journey with DJO Global with the Defiance brace. The Defiance brace brought me strength, confidence and support. I was wearing the Defiance brace to help me recover from ACL and meniscus repair surgery. With the Defiance brace I felt I could run father, harder and with more confidence.

While visiting DJO Global, I was introduced to the A22. The A22 is just what I needed. Like the Defiance brace, the A22 offers support, strength and confidence, but with a great deal less weight and bulkiness. Though the A22 is slimmer, you do not lose any strength or stability. I honestly forget I am wearing the A22 as I run or go through a major workout session. As I continue on my journey to be the best I can be, the A22 will definitely help me reach that destination."

Jennifer Foley

2nd Grade Teacher

Hey wanted to give you feedback. I am a walking ad for DonJoy! I've been to 3 elite lacrosse tournaments and I wear the Trizone cuz I walk and stand all day. I've had a handful of people at each one ask about it!

I've been wearing the reaction one too when I run.

Everyone that asks me I point them to your site. Anything else I can do to get a better word out there. I really have had a lot of people ask. You know we only "hang" with the sporty over 40 and they all have knee probs!!!

Glad I have DJ stuff cuz it really does help. I'm not sore at night like I usually am.

Heather Hughes Lalla

Marathon Runner

I've had my DonJoy for about 10 years due to some medial meniscus issues. It has always brought immediate relief as soon as I put it on but I learned just how strong it was this week when I fell off a scooter while wearing my brace in Panama. I was wearing my brace as I always do on long-walking days (thankfully) and as I crashed into my left leg, the one with the DonJoy, the brace almost completely protected my entire leg of injury. I have one scratch on the part of my knee that wasn't covered but that's it! Now I know this isn't the purpose of the brace, but not only did it break my fall, protect my leg, it also didn't break. I’ve worn it every day since and have a whole new appreciation for the brace. 10 years old, 1 scooter crash, and it's as great as the day I got it, other than some new, gnarly scratches. Cannot recommend this brace more.

Alissa Heim

I have had two major injuries during my career—both ACL tears. There is a lot of pressure inside and outside of schools and organizations to recover quickly, which I appreciate, but it’s up to young athletes, parents and coaches to take steps to recover safely and guard against injury and re-injury. This will only allow for a stronger, better return to sport in the long run.

Megan Rapinoe

U.S. Soccer Player and Olympic Gold Medalist

Do love this brace. I have worn TriZone for 3 races and won my age group in each race. My knee is fine, no problems, it’s the best brace I’ve ever had.

Robert Heins

Triathlete, Age 70

DonJoy has provided relief and stability for me for over a decade now, and I can honestly say it is the best product on the market and the quality is superior. My DonJoy knee brace and I were inseparable after five knee surgeries to repair ACL and meniscus tears during my high school years. While these injuries shattered my dreams of playing collegiate and pro basketball, my faith in God and my determination to rehab properly, which included the use of my DonJoy brace, allowed me to continue to play the game I love throughout most of my high school years. God had other plans for my life, and I am living proof, at the age of 32, that you can overcome obstacles and come out stronger than you ever imagined possible.

My advice to any one going through serious injuries and orthopedic surgeries is to pay attention to your body and err on the side of caution, regardless of the varying opinions you will receive from your medical team. My advice comes from experience, as my second ACL and meniscus tear came halfway through the basketball season when I felt I was getting stronger and competing at almost 100 percent. I made a decision to not wear my DonJoy brace in a game and sustained the injury, resulting in more surgery and rehab.

Suffice it to say, I wore my DonJoy brace after the fifth surgery and still rely on their products to this day. While I no longer need the ACL brace, I will always have a DonJoy sleeve or other DonJoy product for stabilization and peace of mind. My knees are stronger now than in my early twenties. In fact, I am an avid runner and enjoy competitive running. Also, I never miss an opportunity to play a pick up game of basketball with friends.

Prior to becoming sold on DonJoy, I tried another brace and there is honestly no comparison in the quality and stability the DonJoy product affords the user. The saying, you get what you pay for can truly be applied in my opinion of this other product. Spare no expense when it comes to a product like DonJoy that can give you your functionality back after a serious knee injury and provide you the quality of life that you deserve.

My advice to all, whether you are a trained athlete or a weekend warrior, is to be smart and listen to your body. This is advice learned after pushing my limits. As an athlete, there is a fine line between pushing through the pain and taking care of an injury that could potentially define you for the rest of your life.

DonJoy products work. Anyone ready for a run or a game of hoops?

K.K. (Ketch) Willis

Professional model / avid runner

I just wanted to thank you all very much. I served four years in the USMC in the infantry, and I completed 2 combat tours (Iraq and Afghanistan.) While in Afghanistan our constant patrols and strenuous missions took a tool on my knee. I got out in 2011 and the VA was quick to operate on my knee. However, it only made my pain worse. I've suffered with severe pain and limited activity for 3 years. I'm thankful to now be able to keep up with my children and their active lifestyles. My family and I thank you for your great product (I've been through enough to know a great one when I find one.) Semper Fi.

Alex Sitorius

I was devastated when I tore my ACL last Winter playing basketball. I underwent surgery in mid March 2016 and then started the long 6 month rehab. My true love is softball and my high school season started before I was released, but with the help of my athletic trainer and the titanium brace I was able to slip right back into my starting catcher position on our varsity team. I was honored to be chosen for first team all districts and all region post season. We ended the season in the Quarterfinals. Thanks to my DonJoy brace I was able to go right back to what I love.

Emily Fair

My DonJoy Female Force has been there with me while going through the hardest thing in my life. I tore my ACL and meniscus almost a year and a half ago while pitching. The rehab was tough. Being away from my teammates was tougher. Being away from fastpitch, the game I love, for almost 9 months was the toughest. I used my DonJoy through the rehab, on my first game back, and still to this day. I am so thankful for the peace of mind and confidence my DonJoy brace gives me to go out and be the best I can for me, my teammates, my coaches, and my family. Thank you DonJoy!

Kelie Byers

Fastpitch Team Member

I tore my ACL last year during an 8th grade basketball game for my club team, The Panthers. A year later, I got my DonJoy knee brace and made both the JV and Varsity team at my high school as a freshman! My brace gives me the confidence and support I need to play my best game. I named my brace "Joy" and just like my rep told me, I can't imagine playing without her. I'm playing soccer in the Spring and know my brace will give me the extra confidence I need to make the varsity team! Thank you for making a brace that is both functional and comfortable. It's like second nature to wear it!

Brooke Wohlers