Hotline Contact Numbers

DJO Confidential Compliance Hotline

DJO is firmly committed to conducting its business in an ethical and legal manner in all countries in which it does business.  Towards that end, DJO has contracted with NAVEX Global, a third-party service provider that specializes in compliance hotline services to take reports submitted to DJO’s Compliance Hotline. The hotline is available 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week. DJO has one (1) hotline number for individuals based in the U.S., and multiple international numbers for individuals based in locations outside of the U.S. The hotline is available for employees, customers, independent agents and vendors who wish to file a report. Please be aware that DJO prohibits retaliation against any individual who, in good faith, reports a potential compliance violation.

DJO U.S. Confidential Compliance Hotline

The U.S. Hotline provides an anonymous method, if an individual so chooses, to report illegal, unethical or other potentially inappropriate business situations to DJO management. The U.S. DJO confidential compliance hotline number is 1-866-614-5869. An anonymous online reporting tool is also available at

DJO International Confidential Compliance Hotline

Note: To view an important notice regarding processing of international personal data, please click here.

The international Hotline provides an avenue for an individual to bring reports of certain types of misconduct to the attention of DJO management. NAVAX Global is based in the U.S. but provides call center representatives who are fluent in the language of the country where the international caller is located.  To contact the Hotline from your location, please use the appropriate telephone number listed by country:

Australia   800-312-779 English
Austria 0-800-200-288 866-614-5869 German
Belgium 0-800-100-10 866-614-5869 Dutch
Canada   866-614-5869 English/French Canadian
China   4008423492 Mandarin/Canton
Denmark 800-100-10 866-614-5869 Danish
Finland   0800-9-13205 Finnish
France   0800-91-2048 French
Germany 0-800-225-5288 866-614-5869 German
Hong Kong   800-96-1920 Cantonese
India 000-117 866-614-5869 Hindi
Ireland (UIFN) 00-800-222-55288 866-614-5869 English
Ireland 1-800-550-000 866-614-5869 English
Italy   800-790294 Italian
Mexico   001-844-307-8724 Spanish
Norway   800-10067 Norwegian
South Africa   800225000 English
Spain 900-99-0011 866-614-5869 Spanish
Sweden   201408255 Swedish
Switzerland 0-800-890011 866-614-5869 German
Tunisia   503-268-5716 (Reverse Charge Calls / Collect) Arabic
United Kingdom   0808-234-9794 English