Rearfoot Solutions

Arsenal Foot Plating System
The Arsenal Foot Plating System arms surgeons with Variable Angle Locking Implants with Dual-lead screws (VALID™), a powerful combination of patented and innovative technologies.
Tiger Large Cannulated Screw System

The Tiger Large Cannulated Headless Screw is a self-drilling, self-tapping, titanium alloy lag screw with the look, strength, and bite of a “Tiger.”

Disco Subtalar Implant System

The Disco Subtalar Implant is a titanium alloy, spherical implant intended to provide consistent correction in subtalar joint arthroereisis.

Sniper Non-Sterile Staple System

The Sniper Non-Sterile Staple System provides surgeons additional fixation options for reconstruction procedures for the bones of the foot and ankle.

DynaNail Helix - Simple
A member of the DynaNail® Family, the DynaNail Helix is a new twist on the nail that is revolutionizing dynamic compression with disruptive NiTiNOL technology.