Knee Solutions

ADAPTABLE™ Knee - On table
DJO Surgical®
An efficient solution designed for unconstrained movement of the shoulder, knee, and hip during arthroplasty that is optimized for the outpatient setting.
Empowr - 3/4 View
DJO Surgical®
The EMPOWR 3D Knee addresses natural motion throughout a full range of motion, from early to deep flexion, creating a more natural feeling knee for the patient.
EMPOWR Partial Knee™ - Side View
DJO Surgical®
The EMPOWR Partial Knee™ is the efficiency-based solution for early stage, unicompartmental knee arthritis in today’s modern healthcare environment
EMPOWR Porous Knee
DJO Surgical®
The EMPOWR Porous® Knee combines DJO’s proprietary advanced porous coating, P‌2™ with the EMPOWR Knee System’s modern kinematic design philosophy.
EMPOWR™ Complex Primary
DJO Surgical®
The EMPOWR Universal Tibia and EMPOWR VVC™ Tibial Insert broaden the clinical indications of the EMPOWR Knee System™ to provide more solutions through a seamless and efficient transition from standard primary, to complex primary and revision knee arthroplasty procedures.


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