EDI Trading Partner On-boarding Request

Thank you for requesting to exchange EDI with DJO. We require 2-4 weeks to complete EDI evaluation, setup, and testing. We will contact you when we receive your completed form, data and implementation guides. Once we review your form, we will create the maps and will schedule a date to begin testing with you.

What we need from you:

  1. Current Implementation Guides for each transaction
  2. Recent EDI sample file for each transaction, including ISA and GS
  3. Complete list of items to be sent/received with qualifiers and price — Download template
  1. List of ship to account numbers: — Download template
    1. Identifier (N104)/qualifier (N103)
    2. Customer site name/address/city/state/ZIP
  2. Please ZIP and email your implementation guides, sample files, ship to list, and item list to DJOEDISupport[at]DJOGlobal[dot]com. Please reference your company name in the “Subject” field, as “Company 123 – EDI Onboarding Documents”.


EDI Contact



Please select the EDI Transactions you wish to exchange:

Please indicate which qualifier(s) and customer ID number(s) you will send/require:

Download and complete the Customer Accounts spreadsheet and upload it below.

Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: xls xlsx csv.

Please indicate which qualifier(s) and item number(s) you will send/require:

Please select your preferred connectivity:

Please indicate your EDI Enveloping Values:

ISA Qualifier/IDs:



X12 Version: