Motion IQ®

Motion IQ

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A watchful eye over recovery

Motion iQ® by Enovis™ helps providers lead the way in delivering an advanced and personalized virtual rehabilitation solution for patients. Devices synced to Motion iQ generate real-time data to help the care team monitor progress, identify recovery concerns, and adjust the treatment plan throughout the episode of care.

Build trust

Keep patients close and accountable throughout their journey giving them confidence their care team is actively working with them each day toward a positive outcome.

Always informed

Motion iQ® syncs recovery information with the care team to help quickly identify patients experiencing critical challenges so additional care can be provided.

Long-term engagement

Encourage patient engagement with a personalized and customizable recovery solution that achieves trackable, long-term results.

Health within reach

Motion iQ is a great supplement to inpatient physical therapy, and helps keep patients engaged in their recovery between in-person appointments.

At-home convenience

On-demand rehabilitation gives patients a proactive tool to take control of their recovery no matter where life takes them or what it throws their way.

Achieve ROM goals

Specific brace-integrated exercises provide live ROM feedback to help patients reach targeted goals. Track patient progress with in-depth metrics.

The Motion iQ® Provider Web Portal allows the care team to review patient data, customize recovery programs, and track recovery progress in real-time.

DonJoy X-ROM iQ 3/4 view on leg


X-rom® IQ knee brace

Recovery Stage: Post-Op

Our most versatile post operative knee brace designed to provide protected, controlled range-of-motion for patients recovering from knee surgery. The X-ROM iQ features a smart sensor in the hinge that helps continually monitor patient compliance and their recovery progress.

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DonJoy SRB iQ 3/4 view on leg


SRB iQ Knee Brace

Recovery Stage: Return to activity

A lightweight, flexible design combines comfortable support with a smart sensor flex hinge to let patients know exactly how their rehab is progressing for optimal results.

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Motin iQ patient app on phone

Motion IQ® patient app

It’s easy to get started. With this intuitive app, patients can track daily rehabilitation goals, view personalized exercises and video tutorials, and record weekly pain assessment.

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