X-ROM - on leg - 3/4
X-ROM - on leg - side
X-ROM - on leg - front
X-ROM - on leg - back
X-ROM - on leg - 3/4
X-ROM - on leg - side
X-ROM - on leg - front
X-ROM - on leg - back



Come Back Strong.

Our new easy-to-use post-op knee brace offers fast, simple application and adjustment through innovative strap, tab and buckle designs. The user-friendly X-ROM™ helps control and protect ROM with a quick-lock design and hinge pull-out stops. With four independently telescoping sliders and the ability to contour to the patient’s leg to aid varus and valgus support, the X-ROM comfortably accommodates a wide range of patient shapes and sizes.

Indications: To aid immobilization and protected range of motion associated with ACL, PCL, LCL, and MCL surgeries and meniscal repairs

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Fast application & comfortable stability

1 Precise ROM Protection

  • Updated hinge design: Precisely control ROM with settings in 10⁰ increments from -10⁰ to 90⁰ extension and -10⁰ to 120⁰ flexion
  • Quick-lock design: Easily lock at 10⁰ increments from -10⁰ to 30⁰

2 Fast, Easy Application

  • Easy-to-use design: Strap, tab and buckle design make post-op application and adjustment fast and simple
  • Comfortably fits a wide range of patients: Easily accommodate patients from 4’11” to 6’5”
  • Push button slider settings: Adjustments are easy and precise
  • Ready to fit: Quickly fit patients right out of the box

3 Comfortable Stability

  • Tele-Fit™ technology: Four independently telescoping sliders with easy push button control settings help enhance brace placement, stability and comfort while avoiding the incision and peroneal nerve
  • Optimal fit & stability: Bendable hinge bars help enhance varus/valgus contouring
  • Secure contact points: Enhanced ankle pads and strategically placed contact points between the leg and brace help reduce slippage
  • Lightweight strength: Strong yet lightweight design helps reduce brace migration
  • Anti-microbial pads: Helps neutralize odor while increasing comfort and durability

DonJoy X-ROM Post-Op Knee Brace


DonJoy X-ROM Post-Op Knee Brace - How to Apply


HCP's Talk About DonJoy's X-ROM Post-Op Knee Brace

Ordering Information

Part Number Description Size
11-2181-9 X-ROM™ Post-Op Knee Brace Universal
25-7530 X-ROM Replacement Straps Kit  
25-7531 X-ROM Replacement Pad Kit  


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