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Optimizing productivity, profitability and outcomes

Looking to automate claims management, inventory dispensing and physician protocols? Want to standardize insurance policies and compliance while optimizing productivity, profitability and outcomes? MotionMD Software is the solution.

Powered by a simple, mobile-friendly, web-based software, the MotionMD platform, part of the DJO Healthcare Services suite of solutions, is the solution.

MotionMD was designed with you in mind. You’ll be up and running in just a few easy steps.

Motion MD - iPad

MotionMD Software makes it simple to:

  • Create and implement diagnosis-driven protocols
  • Set up all DME protocols just the way you want them with MotionMD for optimal patient outcomes.

An example

When you order a REACTION WEB brace for a patient being treated for anterior knee pain, you can cue MotionMD to follow up with OA Nano, Empi Phoenix and Flex-OA shoes. It’s just that easy!

Apply this feature for all your protocols and be assured your clinical staff follows them consistently; that’s a big step ahead for better business and clinical outcomes.


Streamline claims management and workflow

  • Eliminate multiple forms and data entry
  • Increase collection efficiency by ensuring claims are complete
  • Capture physician and patient signatures electronically or on paper
  • Transmit information electronically for authorization and billing
  • Access clinician and physician education materials on demand

Simplify inventory dispensing and management

  • Control costs by tracking on-hand inventory in real time
  • Set inventory PAR levels for easy reordering
  • Automate restocking from warehouse to satellite offices
  • Generate purchase orders electronically

Enhance patient satisfaction

  • Educate patients online with user-friendly product and diagnosis tools
  • Increase patient engagement with automated emails for electronic documents including patient agreements and instructions for use

Integrate industry best practices

  • Stay current on the latest DJO Global products and services
  • Ensure compliance with The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) requirements
  • Access claims data on demand for payer audits

Seamlessly integrate with EMR and PM system

  • Import patient demographics using standard data formats
  • Enjoy peace of mind with industry standard data and security technologies
  • Go live with MotionMD quickly and efficiently

It’s that simple with MotionMD!