A collaborative and simple solution to DME Cost Recovery

eCare Workflow

eCare Program Details:

  • Powered by our automated, paperless software, MotionMD┬«
  • Compatible with third-party distribution
  • Supply chain remains constant and intact
  • GPO and purchasing processes are unchanged
  • Eligible DME products are billed by DJO┬«
  • eCare partner receives quarterly reimbursement for billable items*

*Program requires a billable DJO product that is prescribed to patients in an outpatient setting with valid insurance

Unmatched Experience & Expertise:

  • Extensive payor coverage with 1200 contracts
  • Over 1 million DME claims billed annually
  • Over 30 years of DME experience
  • More than 3000 locations nationwide

A Scalable Platform

Business Solutions + MotionMD® — Span the Patient Lifecycle


Customized DME Management Programs.
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A collaborative and simple solution to DME Cost Recovery.
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Time of service patient insurance benefits verification.
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Risk assessment tool to confirm outpatient joint replacement pathways.
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Remote patient monitoring.
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Long-term patient outcome tracking.
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