Cobalt Bone Cement
Cobalt™ bone cement offers high viscosity and fast douging.
Empowr - 3/4 View

The designers of the

EXPRT - Blow apart

The Exprt™ Prec

Armorcoat - 3/4 View
Coated Protection for Maximum Performance
Empowr PS Knee - 3/4 View

The EMPOWR PS Knee re

AltiVate Anatomic - Hero Closed
The data-driven design of the AltiVate™ Anatomic Shoulder System features a short P2 coated humeral stem providing superior in-growth and a glenoid with patent pending Drop and Go™ technology for immediate fixation.
Alians Proximal Humerus
The Alians Proximal Humerus features an anatomically-contoured proximal humeral plating system with streamlined instrumentation.
Exprt Revision Hip is a full-line, modular femoral stem inspired by the clinical success of Wagner style predecessors.
EMPOWR CR - 3/4 Back
The EMPOWR CR Knee supports patient - specific, soft tissue guided motion through a neutral tibiofemoral articulation.
EMPOWR™ Complex Primary
The EMPOWR Universal Tibia and EMPOWR VVC™ Tibial Insert broaden the clinical indications of the EMPOWR Knee System™ to provide more solutions through a seamless and efficient transition from standard primary, to complex primary and revision knee arthroplasty procedures.
Discovery Elbow System
The Discovery® Elbow System features spherical condyles on the hinge to allow for increased articular surface contact.