EMPOWR Dual Mobility™


Locked In

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EMPOWR Dual Mobility™ is engineered for enhanced joint stability by offering the largest assembled head for a given cup size1. The robust locking mechanism is aided by the dome peg and locking tabs and helps build surgeon confidence by providing a visual and tactile liner engagement confirmation. These features when combined with ONE tray instrumentation provide a unique and efficient solution that a modern practice demands.


Larger heads provide better joint stability2

EMPOWR Acetabular™ cups share fewer inner diameters as their sizes progress, allowing for larger assembled dual mobility heads compared to other contemporary dual mobility systems. It utilizes only 28mm inner femoral heads throughout the size range while maintaining polyethylene bearing thickness.

Rotate & Lock

Reduce chances of malseating

6% of a legacy modular dual mobility design results in malseating3. EMPOWR Dual Mobility™ helps avoid this issue by offering an intuitive “Rotate and Drop” locking feature. The uniquely designed dome peg and locking tabs provide you the visual and tactile confirmation of liner engagement to help reduce the chances of malseating.


Single tray instrumentation

A streamlined and efficient single tray system includes a user-friendly, dedicated assembly fixture designed to save you time. When combined with EXPRT® Revision System, the use of Dual Mobility offers an un-paralleled 4-pan revision system.

I was among the first surgeons to start implanting EMPOWR Dual Mobility in select high risk patients, knowing that it would help achieve better joint stability regardless of the cup size selected.

James A. Browne, MD
Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery — Charlottesville, VA

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Dr. James Browne is a paid consultant for DJO®.