ADAPTABLE™ is the first fully sterile, surgeon-controlled leg and retractor holder designed for a safe Direct Anterior Approach (DAA) for Total Hip Arthroplasty (THA). The fully-mechanical, carbon fiber surgical arm works seamlessly with any standard operating table and has the ability to reduce the number of assistants in the operating room (OR). ADAPTABLE is easy to set-up, transport and store.

ADAPTABLE is a game-changing device for DAA THA. It empowers surgeons to reduce the number of staff intra-operatively and increase the overall OR economy. Its versatility as both a retractor and leg holder, as well as its promise for future indications, are a much needed innovative and modern solution to patient care.

Dr. Raymond Kim
Steadman Clinic, Vail, CO


Fully mechanical, lightweight, carbon fiber design is easy to set-up, transport and store. Attaches to any standard O.R. table without needing any special adapters.


2-in-1 efficient DAA solution facilitating retractor placement and leg positioning for femoral exposure, ROM, and leg length assessment.


Feather-Touch Handle allows the surgeon to control the leg and retractor holder without additional assistance.

DJO® launches first fully sterile, surgeon-controlled leg and retractor holder for Anterior Approach Hip Arthroplasty at AAOS

Intuitive, versatile, lightweight surgical arm makes benefits of Direct Anterior Approach available to more surgeons and their patients.

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