ADAPT Advanced Direct Anterior Personalized Training


on faster recovery

The muscle sparing Direct Anterior Approach to total hip arthroplasty has been reported to allow for faster recovery, less pain after surgery, more accurate assessment of leg lengths intra-operatively, and a reduced chance of hip dislocation. However, a lengthy learning curve has been associated with this new procedure.


through personalized training

DJO Surgical is committed to providing the educational opportunities and support needed to reduce the learning curve so you can provide the best care for your patients. Dedicated faculty members are not only available for cadaveric training, but will host visitations or even travel to your OR to observe first cases.


with specialized implant and instruments

DJO Surgical’s TaperFill Hip Stem is designed to minimize soft tissue trauma and facilitate the muscle sparing approach. The shortend Taperfill stem flares proximally for increased AP fill and added stability.


Didactic and Cadaveric Introduction

Primary and Revision Arthroplasty with a Standard OR Table

A team of DJO Direct Anterior Surgeon Mentors will demonstrate, instruct on and discuss Direct Anterior technical and clinical advantages for primary and revision arthroplasty using didactics and cadaveric hands-on mediums. Any THA surgeon interested in this technique is welcome to attend this course.

The classroom style training will concentrate specifically on the value of the approach without the necessity of a specialty table, and will serve as a comprehensive introduction to the Direct Anterior technique.


Personalized Assist Visitation

For those attendees who would like to continue their education in DAA, a Surgeon Mentor will be assigned for the next phase of the mentorship program.

During a visitation you will travel to your Surgeon Mentor’s OR, which will allow you to experience the DA technique from pre through post-op in an OR setting. The visitation phase is intended to help you apply the techniques learned from the didactic and cadaveric training into an OR setting. In most settings, you will be able to scrub in.


Personalized Reverse Visitation

Surgeons who show skill and passion for the Direct Anterior technique will be selected by their Surgeon Mentor to continue the training program.

During a reverse visitation, your Surgeon Mentor will travel to your OR and help implement the teachings into your OR setting. This will include the important aspects of patient positioning and retractor placement with your staff.

If you would like to learn more about the DAA Training Program, please email us or see our Medical Education Calendar for dates.

DIRECT ANTERIOR Surgeon Mentor Visitation Sites



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DAA Cadaveric Session with Dr. Garrison


ICJR Live Surgery with Dr. Jankiewicz - Direct Anterior Approach with TaperFill Stem


ICJR Live Surgery featuring Dr. Taunton - Direct Anterior Approach with the TaperFill Hip Stem


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