Motion Intelligence

Connecting the Patient, Product, and Clinician with one Simple Solution

MotionIntelligence® 360 Product Sensor

  • Patented sensor technology
  • Continuous monitoring of rehabilitation progress and exercises

MotionIntelligence® Patient App

  • Track rehabilitation goals, progress, and exercises
  • Patient and Clinician communication

MotionIntelligence® Clinician Portal through MotionMD®

  • Healthcare professionals can view daily exercise activity
  • Range of motion, pain scores, messaging and more

A Scalable Platform

Business Solutions + MotionMD® — Span the Patient Lifecycle


Customized DME Management Programs.
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A collaborative and simple solution to DME Cost Recovery.
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Time of service patient insurance benefits verification.
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Risk assessment tool to confirm outpatient joint replacement pathways.
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Remote patient monitoring.
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Long-term patient outcome tracking.
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