Surgical Skills Training

National Surgeon Training Courses

Enovis Surgical™ has developed a very comprehensive Medical Education platform to include a variety of interactive courses held at state of the art training facilities throughout the country. Through our innovative educational programs, we proved Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) from all over the globe unique and customized learning opportunities using the latest technologies needed to enhance their surgical skills knowledge. These courses consist of a balanced mix of didactic presentations, complex case reviews, clinical issues, and hands-on cadaveric training presented by a group of renowned key opinion leaders in the orthopaedic community. Each participant is given the opportunity to engage in intimate discussions with their peers and faculty on the latest trends and best practices in orthopaedics. Through Medical Education, we hope to provide HCPs with the clinical and surgical skills training needed to help get their patients back to a healthy and active lifestyle post operatively.

Customer Experience Suite

The Customer Experience Suite (CES) is a state of the art training facility and bioskills lab at Enovis Surgical’s headquarters in Austin, TX. The CES offers our customers a truly customized and intimate experience; with the opportunity to meet with the appropriate sales and marketing teams, tour the manufacturing plant, as well as participate in a hands-on cadaveric lab led by an experienced faculty surgeon.

The Customer Experience Suite is also our center for innovation; supporting Research & Development initiatives, as well as product development evaluation and validation labs. The surgical skills lab of the CES comes equipped with the latest technologies and surgical instrumentation needed for total joint replacement procedures.

Regional Surgeon Training Labs

Enovis Surgical offers a convenient alternative for HCPs unable to travel to our National Medical Education Courses, but still interested in hands-on cadaveric training and meaningful learning opportunities. Our regionally based Medical Education Labs are intimately lead by a renowned faculty surgeon and provide HCPs with the same in-depth, hands-on training they would have been received at a National Course.

For more information regarding Enovis Surgical’s Medical Education Programs, please contact: ADVANCE[at]DJOGlobal[dot]com