Telescoping Cool ELS

Telescoping Cool ELS
Telescoping Cool ELS


Telescoping Cool ELS
The ELS features a slide lock mechanism providing the ability to lock at full extension or have free range of motion. The brace is very easy to use with a simple yet effective design. The brace is ideal for post-op use when full extension weight-bearing protocols are used. The Cool ELS gives improved patient comfort with abbreviated foam.
  • Features & Benefits
  • Specifications
  • Lock at full extension
  • Easily size and custom fit the brace to the patient
  • Brace can extend to ankle to help prevent migration
  • 50┬░ Flexion Stop Kit available for meniscal repair protocols

Ordering Information

Measurement taken at thigh circumference 4" above patella
Part Number Description
11-0967-9-13066 Enhanced ELS, Cool


Accessories Part Number Size Measurement
11-0080-9-00000 50° Flexion Stop, ELS S-L Universal


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