Cybertech TLSO

Cybertech TLSO
Cybertech TLSO


Cybertech™ TLSO

Compressive support from two independent pulley systems with a unique linear adjustment capability provide stabilization and restriction. The brace can be customized per patient without the use of tools or loose parts.

  • Sternal bar adapts to a patients anatomy or can be removed in the event of a prescription change
  • Quick-release should tabs combined with dual pull handles make for easy donning and doffing

PDAC Assigned Code: L0464

  • Specifications
Part Number Waist Measurement Size
  Inches Cm  
01-513-0002 25 - 30 63 - 76 S
01-513-0003 31 - 35 77 - 89 M
01-513-0004 36 - 40 90 - 102 L
01-513-0005 41 - 45 103 - 114 XL


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