MaxTrax™ 2.0 Ankle

MaxTrax 2.0 Ankle - Profile
MaxTrax 2.0 - Sole
MaxTrax 2.0 Ankle - Profile
MaxTrax 2.0 - Sole

MaxTrax™ 2.0 Ankle

Engineered for customized healing

The next generation of our walking boot offers personalized fit, trusted support and enhanced comfort with innovative features including customizable malleable double uprights, versatile cross-strapping options, adjustable straps, a low-profile footbed and non-slip rocker sole to promote natural gait and shock absorption, and a unique molded foam insole and trimmable rounded counter heel. Plus, the improved boot length and liner circumference fit a wider range of leg and foot sizes.

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MaxTrax Callouts - Profile
  1. CUSTOMIZABLE Malleable Uprights: hybrid plastic and metal construction accommodate post-trauma requisites
  2. CROSS STRAPPING VERSATILITY: for customized fit
  3. ACCOMMODATES A WIDER RANGE OF LEG AND FOOT SIZES with improved boot length and liner circumference
  4. PROMOTES NATURAL GAIT and shock absorption with optimized, low-profile footbed and non-slip rocker sole
  1. ADJUSTABLE STRAPS allow for repeatable application and flexibility to move around bandages or hot spots
  2. ADJUSTABLE DUAL AIR-CELL SYSTEM to maintain limb contact for improved stability and accommodate changes in edema
  3. IMPROVED HEEL STABILITY: Achilles strap helps to secure heel during wear and may be removed as needed
  4. CUSTOMIZABLE FIT AND IMPROVED COMFORT with unique molded foam insole. Raised rounded counter heel is fully trimmable to accommodate surgical sites.
MaxTrax Callouts - Rear View

MaxTrax 2.0 Walking Boot


MaxTrax 2.0 - How to Apply

Ordering Information

Ankle Ankle Replacement Liner Ankle Replacement Strap Kit Shoe Size Male Shoe Size Female Shoe Size Junior Size
79-95712 25-2111-1 25-2115-1 <3.5 <4.5 <5 XS
79-95713 25-2111-2 25-2115-2 3.5-7.5 4.5-8.5 S
79-95715 25-2111-3 25-2115-3 7.5-10 8.5-11 M
79-95717 25-2111-4 25-2115-4 10-14 11-15 L
79-95718 25-2111-5 25-2115-5 14-18 15-19 XL