Lateral J

Lateral "J"

The tubular Lateral "J" buttress is ideal for supporting lateral patellar subluxation, dislocations or lateral patellofemoral malalignment. Designed to address mild patella discomfort.

Indication: Acute patellar subluxation/dislocation


DonJoy Lateral J Knee Brace Overview

Features & Benefits

  • Sewn-in, tubular "J" buttress provides inferior and lateral patellar stabilization
  • Lateral to medial stabilization strap
  • Dual spiral stays offer medial and lateral support
  • Warm and compressive Neoprene or cool and breathable Drytex construction


Ordering Information

Part Number Description Size
11-0659-x-06060 Right Drytex Sleeve XS - XXL
11-0660-x-06060 Left Drytex Sleeve XS - XXL
11-0320-x-06060 Right Neoprene Sleeve XS - XXL
11-0321-x-06060 Left Neoprene Sleeve XS - XXL


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