Optivac Mixing Accessories

Optivac - in package
Optivac - Mixing Bowl
Optivac - Vacuum Pump
Optivac - in package
Optivac - Mixing Bowl
Optivac - Vacuum Pump

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Optivac® Mixing Accessories

Taking vacuum mixing to the next level

Combining years of clinical history of the Optivac® Vacuum Mixing System with the convenience of manual cement application has resulted in the most technologically advanced mixing bowl on the market.

  • The market's only mixing bowl to mix and collect under vacuum
  • Cement with reduced porosity delivered with the convenience of a bowl and spatula
  • Less monomer fumes and skin contact
  • Patented retractable paddles designed to effectively mix all types of bone cement, regardless of viscosity, and engineered to allow for easier removal of lid and paddles following mixing
  • Minimal residual cement due to bowl's raising floor and retractable paddles
  • Easy to use, disposable kit allows for efficiency and a more user friendly atmosphere for O.R. staff
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Optivac® Vacuum Mixing System

20 Years of Clinical Success

The Optivac® Vacuum Mixing System is the only cartridge system to mix and collect under vacuum, providing a consistently high-quality, homogenous cement, and leading the industry in porosity reduction.

OptiTwist Vacuum Mixing Bowl

Vacuum Mixing System that can be used for all types of PMMA bone cement. The cement can easily be delivered with the specifically designed spatula.