CyberSpine SI Belt

CMF SI Belt - 3/4 View
CMF SI Belt - 3/4 View


CyberSpine SI Belt

Provides stabilization of the SI joints

Provides conservative treatment of sacroiliac strain and arthritis. Allows for significant reduction in SI joint pain and is excellent for post partum symphysis pubis dysfunction.

PDAC Assigned Code:


  • Features & Benefits
  • Specifications
  • Stabilizes the sacroiliac joints through direct circumferential compression utilizing the 3 to 1 ratio patented pully system.
  • Prescribed for conservative treatment of sacroiliac strain or arthritis
  • Excellent for post partum pain and discomfort

Ordering Information

Part Number Waist Measurement Size
  Inches Cm  
01-516-0001 25 - 40 63 - 102 S/M
01-516-0002 41 - 50 103 - 127 L


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