Heel Wedges


Heel Wedges

Specifically designed to be used post-Achilles tendon surgery, the heel supports can be placed on top of each other to achieve the desired heel rise. Three heel supports equal 22° of heel raise; two heel supports equal 16° of heel raise; one heel support equals 10° of heel raise. Felt-covered material improves patient comfort.

Ideal for: Post-op percutaneous and open achillorrhaphy.

  • Features & Benefits
  • Specifications
  • Specifically designed left and right

    Conforms to the foot arch

  • Felt-covered material

    Improved patient comfort

  • Stackable heel supports

    Customizable heel rise

Ordering Information

Part Number Description Size
01K-L Standard Left Small / Medium / Large
01K-R Standard Right Small / Medium / Large
01K-XLL Left X-Large
01K-XLR Right X-Large


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