DynaNail Hybrid™ Fusion System

DynaNail Hybrid - In Bone
DynaNail Hybrid
DynaNail Hybrid w/DynaNail Mini
DynaNail Hybrid - In Bone
DynaNail Hybrid
DynaNail Hybrid w/DynaNail Mini
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DynaNail Hybrid™ Fusion System

A member of the DynaNail Mini® family, The DynaNail Hybrid™ Fusion System features a unique dual design that combines the compressive power and stability of a nail with the easy insertion and anatomical friendliness of a screw. Designed for use in subtalar fusion procedures, the DynaNail Hybrid contains an Superelastic Internal NiTiNOL Element that maintains active, dynamic compression in response to bone settling or resorption. The DynaNail Hybrid shares universal instrumentation with the DynaNail Mini to provide surgeons with intraoperative ease and flexibility.

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DynaNail Hybrid Features

Features and Benefits

  • Internal NiTiNOL element offers between 2 - 5 mm of active compression, PLUS manual intraoperative compression.1
  • Proximal talar threads allow for easy insertion, similar to a screw.
  • Distal transverse screw provides additional stability and prevents device migration.
  • Offered in 60 – 100 mm lengths (in increments of 10 mm) to complement diverse patient anatomies.

The Proof is in the Science

Unlike traditional screws that lose compression post-operatively, the DynaNail Hybrid maintains compression up to 5 mm of bone settling or resorption depending on implant length.1

DynaNail Hybrid Data

DynaNail Hybrid Fusion Animation

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