DJO Global Continues to Reshape Bracing with the launch of the Exos Rapid Splint and Exos FORM Spine Bracing Systems

March 19, 2013

SAN DIEGO, CA, March 19, 2013 – DJO Global, Inc., a global provider of medical device solutions for musculoskeletal health, vascular health and pain management, announced today the launch of a new splinting and a spinal bracing product lines that utilize patented Exos™ thermoformable technology.

“DJO Global is leading the way in developing innovative bracing products,” said Steve Ingel, President of DJO Global’s Bracing & Supports business unit. “Exos is an innovative technology platform that will help drive sustaining and disruptive innovation in new and existing markets.”

The introduction of the Exos Rapid Splint™ System and the Exos FORM™ Spine Bracing System expands the existing Exos portfolio of innovative products designed to revolutionize the clinical approach to external musculoskeletal support and stabilization.

Building upon the success of the Exos Upper Extremity Bracing System, an advanced thermo-formable bracing alternative to traditional casts, Exos Rapid Splint™ System (Rapid Splint), is a long awaited innovation that significantly improves upon the plaster and fiberglass splints that have been used for many years.

Rapid Splint makes use of a proprietary composite polymer technology to treat acute fractures and injuries that require stabilization. Rapid Splint allows clinicians to reduce the number of steps involved in preparing splints that are applied. This coupled with a faster curing time adds up to significant clinical time savings, allowing clinicians greater confidence that their patient’s anatomical position will be maintained. The splints have integrated foam padding, smooth edges, and are applied warm and dry to improve the patient experience by offering comfort, protection, and the elimination of potentially wound causing, sharp fiberglass edges.

“The simplicity and elegance of these new Exos products have the potential to inspire a paradigm shift in the way we brace, support, and stabilize patients,” said Fariborz Boor Boor, Vice President/General Manager, Exos. “We are just scratching the surface of what is possible with Exos thermoformable technology.”

The Exos FORM™ Spine Bracing System incorporates patented Exos thermoformable technology in a modular, prefabricated, semi-universal patent pending design that features Boa® Technology's Advanced Closure System. Together, these design elements deliver a brace that can be quickly and easily customized to fit a patient, while delivering superior support and decompression.

The Exos FORM™ Spine Bracing line includes five products representing the first in a series of lower lumbar spinal orthoses that will include different thoracolumbosacral (TLSO), lumbosacral (LSO), lumbar (LO), and sacroiliac (SIO) orthoses.

Both products will be previewed at the 2013 AAOS meeting, March 20-22, 2013. DJO Global booth #3039.


About DJO Global

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