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Welcome to the new Empi.com website. We invite you to browse around the site and learn more about our products and services.

Empi is a leading distributor of electrical stimulation and other orthopedic products used for pain management, orthopedic rehabilitation, physical therapy, fitness and sport performance enhancement. We are committed to delivering positive patient outcomes and providing leading-edge products specifically designed to meet the needs of the patient and medical professional.

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Credentialing Information: ACHC, ISO 13485:2003 Certificate

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Healthcare Professionals

Empi has been a global market leader in innovative pain management and physical rehabilitation for more than 25 years. With a passion for patient care, our mission is to assist healthcare providers in achieving positive patient outcomes.

Patient Information

Learn more about how our physical rehabilitation products can help provide effective, non-invasive pain relief, re-educate muscles, prevent and combat disuse atrophy without the risks associated with prescription drugs or surgery.

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Empi Hybresis Patch featured on Dr. Oz

Check out the Empi Hybresis Patch featured on Dr. Oz for treating shoulder pain.

Questions about TENS coverage?

Please e-mail seniorcare[at]djoglobal[dot]com or call the SeniorCare hotline toll-free at 1-800-445-9835.

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At DJO Global, we enable people to regain and maintain the joy and comfort of natural motion.

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