Exos Wrist Undersleeve

Exos Wrist Undersleeve

Exos® Wrist Undersleeve

The soft, microfiber material in the Exos Undersleeve enhances patient comfort and provides protection to the skin.  Designed with a slight compression and a flat seam to minimize skin irritation, the undersleeve easily fits under the Exos fracture braces.

Suggested HCPC: L3995

Features & Benefits

  • Provides protection from skin shear
  • Soft and conformable
  • Wicks away moisture
  • Keeps skin and inside of brace clean, dry and more hygienic
  • Easily laundered (sold in pairs – one to wear and one to wash)


Ordering Information

Part Number Size
896-30-1111 PEDS
896-40-1111 XS/S
896-50-1111 M
896-60-1111 L/XL

Sizing Chart

Wrist Circumference Minimum Maximum
PEDS 3.5" (9 cm) 5" (13 cm)
XS/S 5” (13 cm) 6.5” (16 cm)
M 6.5” (16 cm) 8” (20 cm)
L/XL 8” (20 cm) 11” (28 cm)

For less compression, choose one size larger. For more compression, choose one size smaller.


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