The CMF Bone Growth Stimulator's state-of-the-art Combined Magnetic Field (CMF) technology provides medical professionals with an effective tool for healing problem fractures and spinal fusion procedures. Outstanding results and excellent patient compliance are reasons why our company is a leader in the industry.

Faster Healing with a 30 minute, once daily treatment. Faster Treatment offers a full range of sizes to support all patients and fracture sites, for both casted and non-casted sites. Faster Placement with a full-service experience from DJO giving assistance with obtaining authorizations and negotiating payers to fitting patients and their devices.

Patient Information: CMF OL1000 Bone Growth Stimulation FAQ
Patient Information: CMF SpinaLogic Bone Growth Stimulation FAQ

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Clinically proven to increase the likelihood of a fusion in a double blind, randomized placebo-controlled study.

Treatment has been shown in pre-clinical studies to help the body’s own healing process.

Our complete line of Cybertech braces provide uncompromising support through increased stability, enhanced motion control, and optimal comfort.

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Pain Management and healing through Bone Growth Stimulation, Electrotherapy, Bracing and Traction.


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