We are stronger when we all pull together.

That’s why DJO Global is proud to be an official corporate partner of the American College of Sports Medicine and their Exercise is Medicine program.

DJO Global believes that Motion is Medicine; it’s a philosophy that pairs perfectly with ACSM’s signature program. Both organizations believe that movement and physical activity can address and impact many chronic diseases, putting people on a path to better health and sustainable lifestyle behavioral change.

DJO Global is partnering with ACSM’s Exercise is Medicine program by supporting a series of credentialed workshops across the country in 2016. The purpose is to provide exercise professionals who are certified through accredited organizations the ability to receive a trusted credential from the Exercise is Medicine program. This enables physicians to prescribe access to a certified and knowledgeable exercise professional for patients diagnosed with chronic disease. The partnership between ACSM, the American Council on Exercise and the Medical Fitness Association represents a huge step toward uniting the fitness and medical fields to address the benefits of motion in managing and improving our population’s health.

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