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A dysphagia therapist (usually a Speech-Language Pathologist or Occupational Therapist) must become VitalStim certified in order to use VitalStim® Therapy.  This certification is awarded by the continuing education company Career Improvement and Advancement Opportunities Seminars (CIAO Seminars) following successful completion of the certification program. The certification program consists of a 2-week online educational program followed by a 2-day live program. 

CIAO Seminars offers two courses that satisfy the VitalStim® Therapy System Certification requirement:  Adult Focused and Pediatric Focused.

For information on registration, fees, and course dates and locations, visit the CIAO website:

  • Click here for details about the VitalStim Certification Course - Adult Focus
  • Click here for details about the VitalStim Certification Course - Pediatric Focus

Contact CIAO Seminars ( ) today to get started! 

Applicants for the course must satisfy the following entry requirements:

  • Have a majority of dysphagia patients on current caseload, a significant past caseload of dysphagia patients, or a demonstrated knowledge of dysphagia theory and treatment to be determined by CIAO via a clinical interview.  Sufficient experience is defined as having been solely responsible for the evaluation, treatment plan and discharge of a minimum of 50 dysphagic patients, and 3 years of at least a 25% dysphagia caseload.
  • Have the skill to evaluate and interpret the results of instrumental dysphagia evaluations and/or reports.
  • Should the applicant not meet the requirements above, a clinical interview with CIAO staff will determine whether there is a base knowledge that qualifies the applicant for entry.   CIAO can be contacted at 888.909.2426.


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