VitalStim Therapy Specialty Certificate

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The VitalStim Specialty Certificate program (formerly the VitalStim Therapy Certification program) is an accredited assessment based certificate program that focuses on the competent and safe administration of the VitalStim Therapy protocol. The program is an intermediate level course offered independently from DJO Global by CIAO Seminars. This intermediate level course requires prior experience in the treatment of dysphagia. It consists of an online educational program followed by a 2-day onsite competency program. It reviews important clinical and anatomical considerations in the treatment of dysphagia as a foundation upon which to build competence in the use of VitalStim Therapy. The program educates the healthcare professional on the indications, contraindications, and the importance of electrode placement. A certificate is awarded by CIAO Seminars following successful completion of the program, after which participants may be listed on the VitalStim Registry of VitalStim Providers.

Professional regulatory bodies require healthcare providers to be able to show evidence of having received training in the safe and skilled use of any modality utilized in practice. Successfully completing the VitalStim Specialty Certificate program satisfies this requirement.

CIAO Seminars offers two types of VitalStim Specialty Certificate courses: Adult Focused and Pediatric Focused. (Providers will be qualified to treat both populations after attending either the adult focused or pediatric focused course).

For information on registration, fees, and course dates and locations, visit the CIAO website:

  • Click here for details about the Specialty Certificate Course - Adult Focus
  • Click here for details about the Specialty Certificate Course - Pediatric Focus
  • Click here for details about the VitalStim Certification – International Course

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Applicants for the course must satisfy the following entry requirements:

  • Have a majority of dysphagia patients on current caseload, a significant past caseload of dysphagia patients, or a demonstrated knowledge of dysphagia theory and treatment to be determined by CIAO via a clinical interview.  Sufficient experience is defined as having been solely responsible for the evaluation, treatment plan and discharge of a minimum of 50 dysphagic patients, and 3 years of at least a 25% dysphagia caseload.
  • Have the skill to evaluate and interpret the results of instrumental dysphagia evaluations and/or reports.
  • Should the applicant not meet the requirements above, a clinical interview with CIAO staff will determine whether there is a base knowledge that qualifies the applicant for entry.   CIAO can be contacted at 888.909.2426.