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VitalStim Therapy System Equipment

Once a clinic, hospital, or home care service has a VitalStim® Therapy trained clinician on staff, that facility can obtain the equipment necessary to deliver VitalStim Therapy to dysphagia patients.

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Evidence and Clinical Data

The use of neuromuscular electrical stimulation in the treatment of dysphagia is one of the most researched dysphagia therapy interventions. VitalStim Therapy is supported by compelling clinical data published in the peer-reviewed literature.


Clinician Resources

VitalStim is committed to supporting therapists in their treatment of dysphagia patients.   A multitude of clinical services and dysphagia resources are available free of charge to certified VitalStim® Therapy System providers.

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Upcoming Courses

Get trained to provide vitalstim® therapy

This dynamic course is held over two days at locations across the country.  Completing the course is the first step to incorporating the VitalStim® Therapy System in to your dysphagia rehabilitation program.  Visit the CIAO Seminars website to see a current list of course dates, locations, and prices. 

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