DJO Healthcare Solutions

Business Solutions

Today’s healthcare is a complex system of billing, coding and compliance that requires specialized resources. You need Business Solutions with the expertise and experience to navigate ever-evolving requirements while meeting the unique needs of your practice. Partner with DJO Healthcare Solutions to harness the power of more than 30 years of experience from one of the nation’s largest DMEPOS billers.


Design and analyze your specific DMEPOS roadmap. From cost control to billing optimization, our unparalleled experience and expertise guide you every step of the way.

  • Financial analytics
  • Business reviews and action planning
  • Individualized programs
  • Protocol development
  • Compliance support/training

Proven Expertise — Billing, Coding, Compliance & Beyond

  • 1.35 MM claims billed annually making us one of the nation’s largest DMEPOS billers
  • 1,200 payor contracts nationally
  • AdvaMed Code of Ethics Certified
  • ACHC accredited

Extensive Product Offerings

  • More than 750 industry-leading braces and soft goods, including DonJoy, ProCare, AirCast, Exos and other top brands

Smart, Flexible Solutions

  • Choose from OfficeCare, OfficeCare Select, OfficeCare Lite, or e-Care. Simply and easily choose again should your goals and needs change.
Your Practice Scenario Our Smart Solution
You do not have the resources or capital to self manage. OfficeCare
Comprehensive stock and bill program–extensive premium product line, patient insurance billing and collections, and excellent customer service.
Your practice wants to focus on certain items or payors. OfficeCare Select
DJO’s OfficeCare program helps promote continuity of care for the practice’s in-house program.
You own and bill your own DME, but need support with out-of-network contracts. OfficeCare Lite
With more than 1,200 managed care contracts nationwide, we can help fill payor coverage gaps.
Cost recovery program, allowing you to control your supply chain and maintain any GPO and/or distribution partnerships. e-Care
 DJO utilizes your inventory for eligible outpatients, bills the patient's insurance and rebates you quarterly for product used, all without disruption to your current supply procurement process.