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VenaPro is a truly portable device to help prevent post-operative DVT in patients. It is designed for patient comfort. DJO Global has a hospital to home program where we can handle all the billing, shipping, patient education and follow up or we can provide you with the product to do your own billing.

What is DJO’s Home DVT Program?

Risk: Deep vein thrombosis is a known risk during hospital length of stay (4-7 days) and outpatient recovery. Recent studies suggest DVT/PE risk for up to 30 days after surgery, when the patient is at home. Protecting patients at home, especially those with multiple risk factors, is critical to minimizing patient readmissions and complications related to DVT post-operatively.2, 4, 10

Program: DJO Global has a compliant and cost effective solution for preventing DVT at home. Our home program provides a compression device for patients that need home prophylaxis. If needed, we provide a risk assessment tool to determine which patients need home prophylaxis.

We handle everything from shipping, insurance billing and patient education for hassle free program.

What Do I Need To Do?

Very little

Your sales representative will provide you with the Patient Direct Agreement that you’ll sign for each patient. We handle the rest!

Reimbursement information

  • DVT prophylaxis is not covered by Medicare, but it is covered by some private payers for home use only.
  • DJO Global uses E0676 to bill for VenaPro or VenaFlow systems for home use
  • E0676 HCPCS code description: Intermittent limb compression device (includes all accessories), not otherwise specified
  • Reimbursement amounts for pneumatic compression devices using code E0676 is dependent on the region and the insurance carrier
  • Attachment: E0676 PDAC Document


Returns/Customer Care Info

  • VenaFlow or VenaPro returns/troubleshooting: Call 800-336-6569, option 1, option 3. Be prepared to give affected device serial numbers and reason for return.
  • VenaFlow or VenaPro billing questions: Call 800-328-2536 ext 7308

Q & A

How long does it take to charge the VenaPro system?

  • While powered off, it takes 3.5 hours to charge from depleted state.
  • While powered on, it takes 4-4.5 hours to charge from depleted state.
  • Fully charged, the battery has a 4-5 hour life

Does VenaPro have any studies backing it?

  • Not yet, but using compression devices with and without anti-coagulants at home for DVT prophylaxis is documented in several recent studies. The pumps used in those studies have similar pressure ranges and cycles as VenaPro. They all move blood.

How can I track patient compliance on VenaPro?

  • You can purchase a Compliance Data Communicator (CDC) Cable that simply connects the VenaPro device to your laptop or computer. An excel file will populate with the patient use hours, minutes and seconds. One cable can be used to download data on any device
  • CDC cable part number is 3111-024 and list price is $45

Does the VenaPro fit all patient sizes?

  •  VenaPro cuffs fit up to 22 inches in circumferences
  • With cuff extender accessory, it accommodates up to 27 inches

Since VenaPro is a single patient use device, how long does the device continue to work?

  • VenaPro will run for about 500 hours
  • Product is carries a warranty for 500 hours or 60 days
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Introducing VenaPro Video


VenaPro Instruction Video

  • No tubes or cords
  • One button operation
  • Weighs less than one lb
  • Re-chargeable battery (approximately 4-6 hours)
  • Applies 50mmhg once per minute

Ordering Information

Description Part Number
VenaPro 30M
Shipping Box 120132
Charger 200059
Manual 360438
Quick Guide 802429
USB 3111-024
Extender 235701



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