Amnios® & Amnios® RT Liquid Amnion

Amnios® & Amnios® RT Liquid Amnion
Amnios® & Amnios® RT Liquid Amnion

Amnios® & Amnios® RT Liquid Amnion

Amnios & Amnios RT are liquid tissue allografts derived from human amniotic fluid intended to contribute to an environment conducive for the regeneration of healthy tissue.1

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  • Amnios and Amnios RT contain growth factors and cytokines
  • Published literature documents that amniotic fluid may contain important growth factors, extracellular matrix molecules, hyaluronic acid, fibronectin, laminin, prostaglandins, and cells1,2
  • Reported benefits of amniotic fluid have included reduced inflammation, reduced fibrosis/scarring, decreased pain, and anti-adhesion properties1
  • The fluid may be used independently or in combination with autologous tissue or other forms of allograft tissue
  • Aseptically processed and tested per USP ⟨71⟩ sterility tests
    • Amnios RT is sterile filtered and then low dose gamma irradiated
  • Packaged with a shelf life of 1 year
    • Amnios must be stored at -70°C or colder
    • Amnios RT may be stored at ambient temperature

900-00-080 Rev G

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