Vest Style Body Holders


Vest Style Body Holders

Silklin body fabric with 65" straps. Cross points help to prevent excessive tightening. Arm holes help deter patient from working vest loose. Contraindicated for combative patients which exhibit high aggressiveness, who strike or endanger him/herself or others.

Indications: Protective device for agitated patients.

  • Specifications

Ordering Information

Part Number Description Color Weight Quantity Size
79-91643 Vest Style Body Holders Pink 90 - 130 lbs. 10 PK Small
79-91645 Vest Style Body Holders Blue 120 - 180 lbs. 10 PK Medium
79-91647 Vest Style Body Holders Yellow 170 - 220 lbs. 10 PK Large
79-91648 Vest Style Body Holders Green 210 - 300 lbs. 8 PK X-Large


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