Plastalume Finger Splints and Kit


Plastalume™ Finger Splints and Kit

Applied to the extensor surface of the finger for stability. Coated aluminum with foam backing. 5/8" width. Kit contains six (6) of each size splint.

  • Specifications

Ordering Information

Part Number Description Length Quantity
79-73211 Splint Kit n/a 48 Pieces
79-73212 Type of End: Plain 1.25" 6 PK
79-73213 Type of End: Plain 2.25" 6 PK
79-73214 Type of End: Plain 3.25" 6 PK
79-73215 Type of End: Ball 3.25" 6 PK
79-73216 Type of End: Ball 4.25" 6 PK
79-73217 Type of End: Ball 5.25" 6 PK
79-73218 Type of End: Ball 6.25" 6 PK
79-73219 Type of End: Ball 7.25" 6 PK


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