Deluxe Universal Knee Immobilizer

Deluxe Universal Knee Immobilizer
Deluxe Universal Knee Immobilizer

Deluxe Universal Knee Immobilizer

Constructed of durable open-cell trimmable foam. Three posterior stays and movable dual medial/ lateral stays provide proper immobilization and positioning. Has a 4" elastic patella strap for lock-out. Includes popliteal pad IDEAL FOR: Post-operative immobilization, grade 1 and grade 2 collateral ligament sprain; patellar subluxations, and injuries where full extension is required.
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Measurement taken at maximum thigh circumference

Part Number Description Measurement Length Color Size
79-96312 Contoured Stays ≤ 22" 12" Black Universal
79-96316 Contoured Stays ≤ 24" 16" Black Universal
79-96318 Contoured Stays ≤ 27" 18" Black Universal
79-96320 Contoured Stays ≤ 28.5" 20" Black Universal