ComfortFORM Back


ComfortFORM™ Back

Overlapping, double pull straps help support the lumbar and abdominal area to promote proper spinal alignment and help prevent and protect injuries including strains and sprains. Silicone gripper strips on either side of back pad help prevent migration.Support may be worn under or over clothing.

Ideal for: Helping to prevent and protect injuries including strains and sprains; Aids in proper alignment while sitting and standing for prolonged periods

  • Specifications

Ordering Information

Measurement taken at waist
Part Number Measurement Size
79-89352 20" - 25" X-Small
79-89353 25" - 30" Small
79-89355 30" - 34" Medium
79-89357 34" - 38" Large
79-89358 38" - 42" X-Large
79-89359 42" - 56" XX-Large
79-89359-10 56" - 62" XXX-Large




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