Clinic 3-Panel Knee Splint


Clinic 3-Panel Knee Splint

Universal three-piece design for ease of adjustment and correct size adjustment. Foam posterior panel may be trimmed for a customized fit. Foam/mesh side panels with I-beam stays and encircling loop lock straps for maximum stability. Straight stay version features popliteal pad. Ideal for post-operative immobilization; grade 1 and grade 2 collateral ligament sprain; patellar subluxations.

  • Specifications

Ordering Information

Measurement taken at maximum thigh circumference 4" above patella
Part Number Description Measurement Length Size
79-80410 Countoured Stays ≤ 32" 12" Universal
79-80420 Countoured Stays ≤ 32" 16" Universal
79-80170 Countoured Stays ≤ 32" 20" Universal
79-80180 Countoured Stays ≤ 32" 24" Universal
79-80290 Countoured Stays ≤ 32" 26" Universal



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