Sheet Materials

Sheet Materials
Sheet Materials


Sheet Materials

Multiple layered thermoformable material in a single construct ideal for custom fabrication for musculoskeletal stabilization. Not made with natural rubber latex.

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Ordering Information

Part # Description Size Color Qty.
800-40-1111 Sheet Materials .40” thick 18”x24” Black 1
800-50-1111 Sheet Materials .50” thick 18”x24” Black 1
800-65-1111 Sheet Materials .65” thick 18”x24” Black 1

Thumb & Finger Replacement Straps

Part # (10 Pack) Length
800-35-STRAP 3.5"
800-40-STRAP 4.0"
800-45-STRAP 4.5"
800-50-STRAP 5.0"
800-55-STRAP 5.5"
800-60-STRAP 6.0"

Boa Adjustable Tensioning Kit

Part # Qnty.
800-ATK 1 each

Boa Locking Ring Kit

Part # Qnty.
800-LR 1 each

Edge Tape

Part # (10 Pack) Length
800-1111 EDGE TAPE - UBL - BLACK 1” X 24”

Operating Boa® Lacing System

To Loosen:

  • Lift Boa® Knob. (Figure 1)
  • Pull Tab. (Figure 2)

To Close and Tighten:

  • Push Boa® Knob down. (Figure 3)
  • Turn Boa® Knob clockwise. (Figure 3)
  • Boa® Knob must be in the down locked position when wearing brace.(Figure 3)

WB w/BOA Education Image

Three Keys to Success with Exos

  1. Not Too Tight – Wear it Right and leave some “WIGGLE ROOM”
  2. If the brace and skin get wet, they “CAN’T STAY WET”

Please download the attached PDF document for the full document on how to care for your Exos.


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