Boa Locking Ring Kit

Boa Locking Ring Kit
Boa Locking Ring Kit


Boa Locking Ring Kit
The Boa Locking Ring is intended to prevent unprescribed loosening of the Boa reel or removal of Exos braces.
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  • This locking ring feature is indicated for less compliant patients, children, and those who should not adjust their own brace.
  • The locking ring easily snaps over the Boa® reel knob to securely lock it in position.
  • The key can be kept by caregiver or parent to immediately loosen or tighten the brace as needed.
  • The locking ring can be easily removed for adjusting tension, washing and drying or removal of the brace.

Ordering Information

Description Part Number
Locking Ring Kit 800-LR
L6 Locking Ring Kit 800-LR6



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