FastFit TROM

DonJoy FastFit TROM
DonJoy FastFit TROM


FastFit TROM
The FastFit TROM saves time in the operating room with a simple one-piece application. The easy-to-use hinge provides controlled range-of-motion and quick locking capabilities to meet a variety of protocols for major ligament surgeries, meniscal repairs and patella realignments. 24" in total length.

Measuring information: Measurements taken 6" above mid-patella
  • Features & Benefits
  • Specifications
  • Easy-to-use TROM hinge.
  • Sized, ready-to-fit.
  • Quick-release buckles .
  • Rehab TROM cuffs designed for extended rehabilitation.

Ordering Information

Measurement taken at thigh circumference 4" above patella
Part Number Description Size Measurement
11-0842-2-06000 FastFit TROM S 14"-18" (36-46 cm)
11-0842-3-06000 FastFit TROM M 18"-22" (46-56 cm)
11-0842-4-06000 FastFit TROM L 22"-27" (56-69 cm)
11-0842-5-06000 FastFit TROM XL 27"-32" (69-81 cm)


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