Foundation® Revision Knee System

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Foundation® Revision Knee System

Universal Adaptation
Foundation is the knee for all patients, accommodating deformities and adapting to intra-operative situations. A surgeon can construct the appropriate components using a variety of articulating, stem, and augment options. The Foundation Knee has stood the test of time, with over seventeen years of clinical history.

  • Features & Benefits
  • Reproducible Knee Kinematics

    The femoral cam and tibial spine are designed to engage at 60° flexion to induce smooth roll back and to provide for 130° of flexion. The deepened, recessed, and extended patella groove on the Foundation ® Femoral Component minimizes patellar advancement, promotes normal biomechanics, and provides increased resistance to patellar dislocation.

  • Knee Joint Constraint

    The Foundation Constrained Insert was designed to maximize "in-plane" joint motion while minimizing "out-of-plane" translation and rotation. The larger post on the constrained insert allows for minimal amounts of medial/lateral slide, varus/valgus motion, and internal/external rotation. Modular stem extensions provide added support in bone deficient scenarios.

  • Bone Deficiency Management

    Augmentation blocks address side specific bone deficiencies. The unique attachment design provides a secure mechanical lock between modular components. The tibial blocks can be used with either the Modular Revision or the Non-Porous Primary Tibial Baseplates. The femoral blocks can be used with either the Modular Revision or the P.S. Femoral Components.


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