FMP® Acetabular System

FMP® Acetabular System
FMP® Acetabular System

DJO Surgical®

FMP® Acetabular System

The FMP Acetabular System offers a comprehensive selection of shells, liners and bearing surfaces. DJO Surgical gives surgeons the options to meet the needs of patients.

  • Features & Benefits
  • Proprietary 3DMatrix porous coating

    The 3DMatrix® system is a proprietary porous coating of DJO Surgical. This three-dimensional, small (non-spherical) titanium bead coating has a pore size of 250-450 microns and allows for a porosity volume of 61%, providing an aggressive roughened surface and optimal osteogenic potential.

  • Acetabular Shells

    The FMP system offers a number of shell options.
  • Liner Options

    The FMP system offers a number of liner options to accommodate surgical needs and surgeon preference. Standard liners, offset liners and constrained liners make the FMP system highly versatile.

  • Hemi-Arthroplasty Options

    Alternatively the system offers unipolar and bipolar options.


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