EPIK Knee System

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EPIK® Knee System

Giving More, Taking Less
The EPIK System is a versatile, reliable approach that gives a surgeon a more flexible Uni knee solution while taking the absolute least amount of bone from your patient. Optimal bone coverage, secure fixation, and anatomic support provide your patient with the needed security of a less traumatic alternative, for undeniable preservation.

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ICJR Live Surgery with EPIK Knee

Femoral Component

4 Sizes Anatomic Design Left Medial/Right Lateral Right Medial/Left Lateral Coronal curvature reduces edge wear Anatomic sagittal curvature 6° inclination improves contact area through complete ROM Anterior Angled Peg Low-profile keel Thin component does not compromise conversion to TKR Trochlear Relief avoids patellar impingement

Metal Back Onlay Tibia

Tibia cut with jig similar to Total Knee Metal tray supported by cortical bone Modular insert 5 sizes – 35, 37, 40, 42, 45mm 3 Insert thickness ea – 9, 10, 11mm Anatomic Design increases cortical contact Left Medial/Right Lateral Right Medial/Left Lateral Angled Peg Keel does not violate cortical rim Compression Molded Poly Insert

All-Poly Inlay Tibia

Recessed/Inlay style surgical technique A cavity is burred into the tibia to inset the tibia in a ridge of cortical bone Important to maintain the sclerotic bone bed to support the implant 4 sizes - 29, 32, 35, 37mm 3 thicknesses ea - 7, 8, 9mm Compression Molded Poly Insert Non-constrained surface Dovetail cement groove