Discovery® Elbow

Discovery Elbow System
Discovery Elbow System Bearing
Discovery Elbow System Flange
Discovery Elbow System Stem
Discovery Elbow System
Discovery Elbow System Bearing
Discovery Elbow System Flange
Discovery Elbow System Stem

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Discovery® Elbow

Backed by over 15 years of clinical history, the Discovery® Elbow System features spherical clondyles on the hinge to allow for the distribution of stress evenly across the system. The Discovery Elbow system also includes Vitamin E+ poly, which has been found to reduce wear, minimize oxidation, and maintain the mechanical integrity of the Discovery Elbow System.

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Bearing Design

Bearing Design

  • Spherical hinge reduces wear by providing increased articular surface contact area between the humeral and ulnar components
  • Varus/valgus laxity of 7 degrees
  • Optimized hinge size addresses individual anatomy by allowing any humeral component to be used with any ulnar component
  • Posterior hinge allows for assembly or disassembly without compromising either epicondyle
Humeral Stem

Humeral Stem

  • Bowed stem reproduces anatomy through 5 degree lateral offset and 5 degree internal rotation
  • Cylindrical base preserves bone to minimize stress risers at the supracondylar columns1
  • Anterior flange for enhanced rotational stability and to help prevent posterior sublaxation
Ulnar Stem

Ulnar Stem

  • 23 degree anterior neck angle of stem allows for anatomic axis of motion
  • Polyethylene offset and lateral bow provide for reproduced anatomy
  • Clinically proven ArCom® polyethylene reduces the possibility of stress hemi-delamination and early polyethylene failure2,3

Discovery® Elbow Animation


Discovery® Elbow Presentation with Dr. Hastings


Discovery® Elbow Surgery with Dr. Hastings


Discovery® Elbow Surgery with Dr. Mighell and Clark


Discovery® Elbow Fracture Webinar with Dr. Chuinard


Discovery® Elbow Revision with Dr. Shafritz

  • A 5-year observational study was conducted to understand the outcomes and durability of the Discovery Elbow. The Results found that the Discovery Elbow system increased function and decreased pain, with high survivorship (humeral and ulnar components, 100%; clondyles, 97.8%, and bearings/ screws, 95.7%)1
  • In a study of 79 Rheumatoid Arthritis patients, the Discovery Elbow system provided significant improvement in the flexion-extension arc with mean flexion improving from 120o to 146° with mean extension lag improving from 29° to 24° 2
  • In a single surgeon study of 25 patients (with 31 elbows total) the Discovery Elbow system was found to have a Kaplan-Meier survival of 90% in Rheumatoid Arthritis patients3
  • In a single surgeon study of 25 elbows, at 8-years post-operation, the Discovery Elbow system was found to have a Kaplan-Meier survival of 90%, with mean range of motion improved in flexion and extension to 113° and pronation/supination to 67°4
  • Mid-term (40. 6 months) clinical results of the Discovery Elbow System found significant improvements in range of motion and oxford elbow scores. For treatment of acute fractures and posttraumatic conditions regarding pain relief, overall improvement in functionality, and patent satisfaction, doctors reported “excellent” patient results.5 The Kaplan-Meier survivorship at 5 years was 92.2% for aseptic loosening, with no implant failures reported6
  • At final follow-up, the Discovery Elbow system was found to improve function: with 64% of patients reporting pain-free, and a patient satisfaction rate (both revision and primary) of 90%7
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