CLP® Hip System

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CLP® Hip System

The CLP Total Hip System maximizes initial stability by its rectangular form and unique contour, allowing rapid osseointegration and helping ensure long-term success.  

Rotational Stability
The rectangular form of the CLP® hip stem assures rotational stability by providing a mechanical interlock with the proximal femoral cortical bone.

Unique Contour
The unique contour that conforms to the shape that approximates the femoral anatomy, providing secure axial positioning of the prosthesis.






  • Features & Benefits
  • Forged from Titanium alloy per ASTM.
  • The calcar arch replicates the natural anatomic shape of the calcar region. The design more closely approximates the natural physiologic loading pattern for maintenance of healthy bone stock.
  • The trochanteric wing provides primary stability by seating within the lateral aspect of the proximal femur.
  • 14 standard offset sizes and 12 lateral offset sizes which can be used for either left or right total hip replacement.
  • Compatible with CoCr and ceramic heads.
  • Grit blast finish.


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